Is it rocket science?

IMG_2533 (1).JPGIt’s been another terrible day with bombings and killings in both Bangkok and Manchester. I cant possibly begin to understand how anyone could intentionally take the life of another living thing.

But this has made me think… the governments, authorities and venue owners know that this is the world that we now live in but it does not appear that real action is being taken.

I volunteered for Mardi Gras this year once again and I thought twice because it seemed that the parade could be an obvious target. I expected that the security would be high and that systems would be different. This was not the case.

There was no sign of buses being used to block streets, no extra bollards or stronger fencing. it was the same as any other year. There were more police but there were no bag checks.

As a volunteer I arrived at 2pm to register and no one checked my identification, no one checked bags and volunteers simply grabbed their shirts without showing ID.

Any person could have turned up grabbed a shirt and therefore had access to any area within the start area or along the parade route for the next seven hours.

I know we are told not to change our lives but surely organisations such as eventsNSW and Sydney Mardi Gras have a responsibility to keep their volunteers safe.



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