World gone mad!

Recently I made a new friend who came to Australia five years ago as an international student from China. I have heard all the stories of what people will do to obtain permanent residency and really thought that nothing could surprise me anymore. I was aware that the going rate for fake marriages with the Thai and Vietnamese communities was now up in the $60, 000 mark. I new that people paid employers to be sponsored but this story really blew me away.

He completed his studies and then through the Chinese network found a broker who would organise for a company to sponsor him as an employee. He paid $100 000 for a position as a graphic designer with a manufacturing company.

It’s crazy that these companies seem to not have to prove to the government that they have tried to find an Australian worker, are there really no graphic designers in Australia looking for work? world-gone-mad

One hundred thousand dollars is huge money and the cost of the visa is only $7000 – but it doesn’t end there.

These workers are slaves, they are paid officially and then must return much of the wages. So for 3 years he has essentially worked for nothing and has no power to refuse weekend work, extra unpaid hours and it goes on.

Is the government so out of touch about what really happens? They recently increased the price of the sponsorship visa fee. Guess who ends up paying this?

This is modern day slavery right here in our backyard!





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